Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Jensyn June Smith
We'll talk about her name in a minute.
Today we celebrate our girl.
10 years ago Shawn brought her to me wearing a purple bow.
There really aren't many words.
lovely. delightful. a gem.
But of course I think she's wonderful.
(except for when she's Ja-nay-nay!)
Here are some of my favorite pics...
hApPy BiRtHdAy DoLl!


Halloween (2011) 

First day of school 2011

on her baptism day.

Achievement day fashion show, 2010

Now to her name.
This is Shawn's grandmother...June Spackman Larson
(doesn't she look like a hoot?..)

This is her other great-grandmother, June Mann Moss Westbrook
(now I know she was a hoot! my mother's mother)

and sometimes I call her June.  Just June.
It means a lot to me. 
I love that it ties her to these two amazing women.
I used to take Jensy with me to visit my grandmother when she was sick
and she was only 3ish, but she still remembers and talks about it.
She has a strong heritage
one she can be proud of,
and honor in her own way.
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