Wednesday, November 11, 2009

i did a bad.

early out.
i forgot.
doors locked.
pants peed.

"and the winner of the worst mom...EVER goes to..."


Nancy fancy pants said...

sorry - couldn't help but to laugh a little!

LL said...

oh SAD.
you'll remember it FAR longer than they will.

Candy said...


Carly said...

glad to hear that I am not the worst mom anymore...;-)

Rachel said...

Oh Shelby. I've been thinking of you so much lately. You're on of the best moms ever. I was thinking about you jumping on the tramp with your kids ALL the TIME. And how much they just love to be with you.
Hey, what are you making for neighbor gifts this year? I need some good (but easy) ideas.

Holly said...

Im so sorry! I forgot it was early to school last week and took my daughter in thinking we were the FIRST ONE there! Nope. People were packing up to go home :)

carrie said...

Early out days need to be outlawed, their useless! This is my last year with an elementary student. Yeah!!!