Thursday, October 8, 2009

be nice.

A couple of days ago Jensyn came through the door after school and erupted into tears.
crockodile tears.
She told me a girl stole her best friend away.
Now she would have no one to sit by at lunch.
and then she wailed:
{this is where I bit my knuckles trying not to laugh. or cry.}

I wrapped my arms around her and told her
I had a secret about friends:
{be nice}
If you are always nice- you will always have friends.
I reassured her that things would be different tomorrow.

The next day she bounced through the door.
All smiles.
I asked her if she had a better day and who did she sit by at lunch?
(big grin)
"My best friend.
You were right, mom."

(all I could think was this is just. the. beginning.
girl drama.)

I have shingles on my neck.


LL said...

glad she's happy again.

Christy said...

AHHH!, the drama. Glad it, for the most part, goes as quickly as it comes. Good advice! Glad she's all smiles again!

Sue said...

"be nice" definitely worked for you--one of the nicest people i know (right from the beginning :) good advice to pass along.

Nancy fancy pants said...

gotta love the girl drama!

Liza said...

Couldn't agree more. I think we have the "nice" talk every day. AND...I loved that it was resolved as quickly as it occurred! AND...WHAT THE SHINGLES!! I am soooo sorry. That sounds so painful. Hope you are feeling better...itchin' less.