Monday, March 23, 2009

Lincoln turned 8!

Yesterday was a bitter-sweet day,
my sweetest of sweets turned 8!
We had a photo shoot on Saturday for his
upcoming baptism!
I saw him in a completely different light.
He's growing up.

Mr. Smiley. He hates that nickname.
I checked him out of school for his birthday date.
We went to Red Robin because I knew he wanted a huge milkshake.
He loved it.
and I love him.
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Emily said...

cute pics! and he is looking so old! congrats linc!

Christy said...

He is so handsome! Great pictures! Love the one of him with his face resting on his seems so Lincoln.

Sue said...

So sweet! Great pix. Abbie turns 8 next month...when did they grow up?!

Barnes said...

Can I tell you how much I love your child. He is so cute and is so big I can't believe he's 8!!

Candy said...

He IS growing up.
What a cutie pants.
Love the photos and his clothes.