Monday, December 10, 2007

wow, almost a whole week!

I've been a very bad girl. It's almost been a whole week since my last post. Shame on me. I just feel so lost without my camera:(
Well, here's an update...Shawn and I are finally entering into the 21st century! His mom bought us an iPod for Christmas (he talked her into giving it to him early)! Thanks mom! I can't believe how awesome it is and how lame we've been!

So, I wanted to do something fun with the kids today, because I knew Shawn was working late, so for family night we made a gingerbread house! The kids LOVED it and it turned out pretty cute! Again, I will post a pic hopefully soon!

So here's my 5 for today:

1. iPod!
2. Gingerbread.
3. WW (I lost 5.3 lbs!)
4. The Forgotten Carols (you were right Emily, it just isn't Christmas without them!)
5. a live Christmas tree! It smells soooooooooooo good!


Christy said...

Love the Forgotten Carols, I agree with just ISN'T Christmas without them.

Katie said...

We barely got into the Ipod thing too. So fun though.

kelly said...

Is it terrible that I am unfamiliar with the Forgotten Carols?

Rachel said...

Oh, you reminded me to get out my CD of the Forgotten Carols, perhaps that will get me in the spirit of things. Without snow I am so lost and not feeling very Christmas'y.
Congratulations on the weight loss! So great!
Kelly, Michael McClean might be too Cheesy for you. But if you give him a chance his message is Awesome! He lived in Heber when I was growing up, I had every tape he produced in my teens :)