Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lincoln lost his first tooth!

The day finally came! The night before Lincoln's first day of first grade, he lost his tooth!! He's been asking me for days if it was ready, and it wasn't quite, but I just yanked it out...(it apparently didn't hurt too much, because he said thank you!). He's already planning what he'll spend his money on from the tooth fairy! Oh Lincoln, how did this happen...you're old enough to be losing your teeth and starting first grade????


Christy said...

Way to go Lincoln! Congratulations on the tooth and first grade. These are fun and exciting times. Seth says "Hi" and "way to go".

kelly said...

Awesome, Lincoln!
Now I need to hear the missing tooth-lisp added to the already delightful Lincoln-voice. Can it get any better?

Grandpa/Grandma Scott said...

I think you all look great on your first day of school. You are great kids and we love you lots. Lincoln you look funny with your tooth missing. Have a great school year. We love you /